About Us

Our Company

We are a small company with a big vision. We want to change the way that cadastral data processing occurs. For too long, it has the been the domain of specialist operators working with complex systems that use arcane rules and algorithms. We have brought those maintenance activities into the 21st century by making advanced processing available as a series of intuitive and easy to use cloud based processes. We meet the demands of the modern Custodian by providing the business processes that satisfy the unique spatial demands of a modern cadastral system.

In making our claim in this space, we each individually have excellent credentials in our chosen area of expertise and work synergistically to achieve our goal of creating a next-generation systems environment. Collectively, we have over one hundfred and fifty years of knowledge in the Cadastral Custodian and Registry domains and have consulted widely and internationally.

The need for simplicity has become an imperative as the old-school cadastral maintenance operators move out of the workforce and the demands placed upon the Custodian continue to expand. We provide a means to remove bottlenecks to the cadastral flow thereby empowering the Custodian to focus on new product development and delivery, whilst, at the same time, improving the underlying efficiency of data flow and currency.

We are passionate about our goal and our product. We meet the market with experience, expertise, professionalism and a unique offering that could eliminate many of the pain-points inherent in your current environment.

Our simple objective?

   ...to create affordable world class cadastres that grow with you

Our Team

Prof. Don Grant, AM,RFD
Chairman, Adviser

A thought leader and Land Administration Advisor at senior and Ministerial level. Focus on institutional reengineering, strategic planning and cadastral reform. Has worked in over twenty countries with more than 35 years of operational and planning experience. During his time as Surveyor General of NSW, Don was intrumental in creating industry wide change and far reaching spatial initiatives. He was the driving force behind the founding of the very successful PSMA.

Peter Barratt
Solution Architect

Broad industry experience having worked in ICT & Project Management, Solution and Technical Architecture, Team Leaderhip and Domain Specialist roles. He has won several industry awards for unique and innovative software design and has worked in sixteen countries. Peter brings deep IT knowledge to the team and is familiar with most aspects of the IT landscape. He is very much a hands-on technologist and is a passionate developer. Formerly a Surveyor.

Freddie Sia
Senior Developer

A computer scientist that has specialised in spatial data processing for over 30 years. Broad international and industry experience having worked in fifteen countries. Freddie brings a disciplined and pragmatic software engineering approach to the team. He is an extremely talented software developer and his methodology provides precision, speed and agility to our software development process.

Dr. Roger Merritt
Adjustment Specialist

One of the famed 'Three Amigos' of Least Squares Adjustment in Australia. Roger is a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to complex algorithmic development and finding innovative solutions to mind-bending cadastral problems. From adjustment to topology matching, Roger's skills are top-line. Holds a PhD. in the Application of Parametric Least Squares for the Upgrade of Spatial Data in GIS. Roger is also a Surveyor.