Our landXML plan checking application has been written with the user in mind. Incoming digital ePlans are registered by an administrator and then the plan data is ready for QA. The operator simply loads the submitted digital file and can quickly verify by line-on-line inspection as to whether the submitted data fully defines the plan document. No more time consuming data-entry. It is now so easy to check, accept or requisition the plan prior to any next stage processing.


  • Fast parsing of LandXML data files
  • Support for Qld, Nsw, Vic variants
  • Display meta, control and monument data
  • Tabular breakdown of all measurements
  • Search and highlight any element
  • Parcel consistency checking
  • Allows for rapid operator plan check
  • Multi-page plans
  • Heads-up line-on-line viewing
  • Easily extended to include lookup and checks against your Survey Control database or other datasets (e.g. Surveyor accreditation, registration and currency etc).

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