Our landXML viewing application has been written with extensibility in mind. It is designed to read raw LandXML files for quality control and viewing purposes. At its simplest, it is a local file viewer. However, when used in conjunction with the original plan document, a user can perform a plan registration action such that they can view the landXML data overlaid within the context of the survey plan. It currently supports the LandXML 'recipe' as defined by Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. However, we are not limited to LandXML as the file data is parsed into our own data structures that represent the survey data.

We would be delighted to discuss other data formats with you.


  • Fast parsing of LandXML data files
  • Support for Qld, Nsw, Vic variants
  • Display meta, control and monument data
  • Tabular breakdown of all measurements
  • Search and highlight any element
  • Parcel consistency checking
  • Can be used as a QA check
  • Display parcel and easement attributes

Additional Screens