cStrata Data Capture


cStrata is a specialised extension to the cCogo product. It provides the functionality required to effectively capture strata infill to a common property plan. Our experience in working with strata data has resulted in a capture tool that has 'heads-up' digitising incorporated. Now you can create your strata infill by the use of bearing and distances, digitising functions or a hybrid of the two. We provide rapid vertical replication to enable modify or delete floor completion efficiency and a new set of easy to use attribute assignment and polygonisation functions.


  • Heads up data entry confirmation
  • Insert cogo data from existing plans
  • Extensive digitisation functions
  • Settable building alignment bearing
  • Enter linework using constrained angles
  • Automatic polygonisation
  • Rapid attribute assignment
  • Work with plan notations
  • Html view generator
  • Easy to use

Additional Screens