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Our Cadastral Processing Engine is built from the ground up to provide you with convenient and powerful tools in the cloud. Built by a team of industry professionals, adjustment specialists, surveyors and software engineers, it has been carefully crafted by people that know cadastral processing inside out. Using it will make the creation and management of your cadastral data easier than ever before.

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It's time for change. Too many organisations are wondering what the next step in cadastral management will be. The previous cycle of building one's cadastral processing (often leveraging a GIS) has left many organisations with large, expensive to maintain and fragmented code-bases. Why?

By seeking to leverage a GIS for the advantages of storage, query and visualisation, many organisations have had to build (or purchase) external software processing capabilities to complete the necessary functionality required. It is the classic case of purchasing a generalised environment to empower the development, but then losing cohesiveness because that environment does not fully cater for the special needs that the cadastral life-cycle imposes. We commonly hear of organisations exporting data out of their current GIS to perform a function that uses a separate piece of software. Often that action will lead to large areas of data being locked-out for update whilst the data is exported, reformatted, imported to the external system, processed, re-exported, reformatted for the original system and then finally reconciled back to the operational database. Does this sound familiar?

At myCadastre, we have taken the opportunity to re-think, re-design and re-engineer our significant base of software. In doing so, we have created an operational capability that is akin to what we refer to as a cadastral "Swiss Army Knife". It is the ultimate tool box of workflows and cadastral processing capability, all consolidated into a single set of scalable web-services that work directly against the database. Say goodbye to the clunky import and export of data and the inherent dangers associated with that activity. Say hello to cleanly engineered database processing efficiency. Best of all, it makes maximum use of best-of-breed Open Source libraries and capabilities. From the thoroughly capable and scalable Postgresql/PostGIS database, through to open source UI components like Bootstrap and Leaflet. There are no additional third party licensing or maintenance dependencies.

However, it is the passion, knowledge and care with which we have created our environment that will make it stand out from the rest. Built by a small team of experienced and talented cadastral and spatial development practitioners, augmented by specialist cloud IT expertise, we offer what might become the benchmark cadastral processing system of the future.

So, if you are looking for next generation software that can run on-premise (behind the firewall), in a Virtual Private Cloud (e.g. AWS) or as the engine-room in a Software-as-a-Service environment, we have the answer for you.

Problem Statement

Cadastral custodians require a functional, low cost of entry cadastral solution that not only satisfies existing needs but can also grow with their evolving levels of maturity. Ideally such a solution would enable all involved parties to collaborate in the creation of a single authoritative cadastral source that meets all needs and ensures continued support from engaged agencies.

Global Challenges

  • 75% of the world's population is without a robust functioning cadastre
  • A modern and efficient Cadastre is recognised by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and the World Bank as essential to overcoming extreme poverty
  • The world needs a lower cost, faster and better solution now!
  • Solutions need to be sustainable, scalable and 'fit-for-purpose'

Cadastral Management

There are five core capabilities that distinguish a Fit for Purpose Cadastral Management System:

myCadastre  has unmatched capabilities across all five areas.


Often, cadastral custodians cannot keep up with client demands for more accurate and timely cadastral solutions. Budgetary and staff constraints mean that it is often impossible for the Cadastral Authority to respond to urgent requests for greater accuracy in specific project areas. This often leads to stakeholders developing their own "one off" cadastres that then take on a life of their own and at the same time depriving you of valuable clients.

What if you could collaboratively harness their efforts to improve your cadastre rather than them building their own? With myCadastre this is now possible. Collaboration isn't yet recognised as one of the key cadastral values, but at myCadastre, we think it ought to be.

With myCadastre you can grant access to an external organisation's cadastral team so they can contribute directly to maintenance and upgrade of your core dataset. No software installation is required for approved organisations to gain access to all of the same functionality that your team has. There are a wide range of activities that interested parties can contribute to, from capturing ePlan files for existing surveys, adding plan dimensions to existing parcels, establishing control on cadastral corners, through to running their own upgrade adjustments.

Importantly, at all times you maintain control of the integrity through the use of a "gatekeeper" role in myCadastre. This role ensures that all changes are vetted and approved before being introduced into the release dataset.

They get the cadastral accuracy that they require sooner, and you have an enhanced dataset as well as a new committed client !

We love what we do

Designed with Passion

We have each spent our professional careers in land related domains. For some of us, it has been a passion for land surveying, for others the beauty that we see in the mathematics and survey problem space. We have deep experience in the Land Administration, Registry and Spatial domains and want to create something truly special and valuable to the industry we love to work in. We want to produce systems that work so intuitively, that when in daily use, they just work and become almost transparent to the user.

Built with Care

In crafting our solutions, we have taken our lifetime of knowledge and really thought about the essential requirements that need to be met by an organisation responsible for processing cadastral data. We understand the idiosyncracies, the quirks, the shortcomings and the short-cuts that have been taken with data assembly; and the stresses and strains of having to work day in, day out with a resource that is continually changing whilst having greater demands for accuracy placed upon it. We understand, and we care about this problem space.

End user Focussed

Have you ever sat behind a system that seemed so complex that you felt that you needed a PhD just to get past the user-interface? We have worked closely with users of cadastral systems and have listened to their frustrations; at user interfaces, at multi product solutions, at uneccessary importing and exporting of data and at the slowness of data capture and take-on solutions. Our products, whilst inherently complex in the engine room, provide easy to use interfaces for users to interact with the system and to get the job done

Need more?

If you are still unsure about what we do, or have a special requirement or project in mind, we are happy to talk. Simply contact us through this website and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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