myCadastre software can be deployed:

  • On-premise (behind your firewall)
  • In a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • In a Software as a Service configuration
  • Stand-alone or as part of your workflow
  • As a full solution or just the part that you need.

Our solution has been created to run in the cloud. It uses contemporary Http protocols to communicate across the network with client applications that are sent out from a webserver. We ourselves use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create and maintain a secure multi-zoned virtual private cloud (VPC).

However, for some users, cloud services might not be the answer. There are many reasons for this; and could be centred around existing infrastructure, security, data sensitivity or even government mandate about where, a solution might be hosted. At myCadastre, we are very flexible, you can choose to run the software where-ever best suits you! Our software can run on a fairly minimal server configuration (but you will know about it if you choose to do heavy processing activities e.g. Conflation).

Best of all, our software requires no additional third party licensing and an Enterprise license still means what it used to mean - (not power units, not CPU, not Core or user limited). If you want to add processing power or scale up for more users or a type of process - that's your choice and you're welcome!