cUpdate is a state of the art cadastral update workflow. Updating without materially changing the extent perimeter of the surrounding parcel base is a common requirement for Custodians. It allows for the take-on of new data into the system (for storage and later re-use) but fits the changed parcel base (subdivision or consolidation) into the existing fabric.

When new data is loaded into near proximity of the correct location (e.g. from coords, parent DP or user screen pick), then the power of our topology matching routines come into play. Shift vectors (between existing parcel points and incoming data points) are automatically generated with an exceptionally high match rate (greater than 98%). Once generated, all that is required is a quick inspection of the shift vectors and to possibly add or delete the odd one or two. Following this, the operator selects the type of adjustment to perform and that is it, job done!


  • Easy to use Update workflows
  • Fit-to-Fabric
  • Fit-to-Plan
  • Similarity transformation fit
  • Automatic shift vector generation
  • User add or delete vectors
  • Data made ready to reconcile to authoritative database

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