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myCadastre provides consulting services for the development and maintenance of business solutions within the spatial domain. Our aim is to:

We provide full and continuing development support on our range of software products based on our clients' comments, recommendations and requests.

Virtual Private Cloud

We have considerable experience in building Amazon Web Services (AWS) based Data Centers. The building of a secure, multi-zoned virtual private cloud (VPC) is not a simple undertaking and has required the development of significant specialist knowledge to be able to create robust and reliable installations.

Whilst AWS consulting and VPC development is not our specific business...
It is our business to know how to properly build and deploy cloud Data Centers. We have provided VPC creation and support to Vodafone, Fairfax Media and several Internet of Things (IoT) projects (including Rheem). We of course provide cloud engineering services to any client that wishes to deploy our product in the cloud and can guarantee a successful and efficient deployment.

Turnkey Installation

In addition to the creation (and maintenance if required) of the AWS platform, we can install and configure our software products in-house behind the firewall or in a Software as a Service (SaaS) facility. All of our software products are web-based utilising common browser interfaces on desktop, tablet and mobile. This reduces the overhead of maintaining enterprise deployments of system hardware/software resulting in lowered service costs whilst at the same time, maximising availability.

Data Capture

myCadastre has partner relationships with companies that are able to provide digital data conversion services. Depending upon your requirement, we can provide offshore data conversion facilities or, if needs be, provide capture in a secure Data Center environment here in Australia. Our data capture activity focuses exclusively on Survey and Strata plan capture to create corporate/enterprise scale Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB), Digital Strata Database (DSDB) and Digital Plan Database (DPDB) e.g. LandXML databases. These databases can be maintained and kept current by the use of our software products if you should wish. Equally, captured data can be returned directly to your organisation and be used for various geo-analyses and enquiries.


We work with any client organisation in assisting in the identification of any missing spatial workflow or component (for their custom purposes). We can provide business requirements analysis, system scoping and design and the provisioning of custom/bespoke applications. Naturally, we are seeking to do these works in the context of our own software product. But, we are of course, always open to some neat or clever use of our capabilities being put to good use and a conversation about what you might be looking to achieve is always welcome.


We provide business process improvement and spatial business processing analysis, spatial system design, build estimates and technology evaluation and recommendation. We provide consultancy services in spatial data modelling, database creation and optimisation; service integration, design and delivery.

Need further information?

If you have a special requirement or project in mind, we are happy to talk. Simply contact us through this website and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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